Byzantine coins for sale

byzantine coins for sale

This page: Byzantine, Medieval, and Arabic coins for sale (and a very few "world" coins) Go to: Newest, Byzantine in chronological order, Anonymous folles. items AV Solidus () Some very minor scratches otherwise lustrous coin BYZANTINE EMPIRE - ANASTASIUS I, - Constantinopolis, Byzantine Empire. Justinian I, AD. Large bronze follis, struck year 22 of his reign at Constantinople mint. His helmeted, cuirassed bust facing, holding. byzantine coins for sale AE-Halbfollis n. Most are Roman bronze s, sestertius to later Ae4 with some Byzantine and small Greek denominations. Questions about the coin are always welcome. AH AD Stavrakos 9. From the Gert Boersema collection. From an old Cojns, purchased by the collector in the s with his tag. Alexius III. About extremely fine. Mixed grades and conditions, some collectable grades. Michael VIII, mm. English Banknotes. Coins for Sale. Weight of 1 Ounkia Bronze, 14x16 mm, Large bronze follis, struck year 22 of his reign at Constantinople mint. Seal Lead, 20 mm, 5. Bronze follis, Antioch mint. Starting Price: 75 CHF Mint mark spelled out in Greek. QGE to left, P-O to rt. Choice English Coins. This ancient gold coloured coin is, in my opinion, a contemporary forgery of a Roman Byzantine solidus. The picture reproduces the color byzantins on my screen.

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Byzantine coins for sale Average about fine. Bust byzantinw Christ Three figures. Byzantine follis of Anastasius I from Constantinople. Cross above, B within, KYZ below. Nimbate bust of St.
Visa facebook About as nice as these come. Ancient Greece imperial coins 12Roman Follis 14Byzantine Follis 4 in mixed circulated grades More coins like this. Christ standing emperors at side. Nicephorus II, Justin II and Sophia, mm.
Sort: Best Match. Ex-Frank S Robinson collection. Mixed lot, includes Faustina Senior sestertiusVespasian dupondius and Justinian follis. Theophilus A. Constantine IV, mm. Bronze half-follis, Constantinople mint. Cross above, gamma within, CON below. Cross above, Delta within, KYS below. Saint riding. Well, it is common. Better than photo! Huge 38 mm diameter, AV solidus 20mm, 6h. Von Fritzepl. Collection of Greek and Roman silver s and bronzes. Fischer DE Dr. Facing bust of Saint, holding spear and shield.

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Savoca Coins. Good VF, scratch on reverse. Very fine to good very fine. Constantinople mint. Byzantine coins from the Cherson mint. Thessalonica mint. Byzantine Empire, Anastasius I. AV histamenon nomisma 19mm, 3. Sear - cf. I have Hendy and this byzantije matches Isaac II. Inthe Frankish king Charlemagne began fighting the Saxons and the Frisians. Cross above. Sort: Best Match. Huge 38 mm diameter, Collection of mixed ancient silver s and bronze s. Signature Sales. Antioch, 1st officina. The N and S inlaid with a smaller N and S in silver. None on vcoins. Seal Lead, 18 mm, 4. Sear - cf. Sear Well-centered. Mint of Hims Emessa. Together with CelticByzantineetc. UK Only. Fot dark patina, striking detail! Byzantine Ae 96 mostly Follis c. Mixed lot of Ancients. Isaac II, Click at this page. You may also like. Constantinople mint. Delivery options see all. Some deposits, otherwise, very fine. DOC 16 var. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of coiins respective owners. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. From the Gert Boersema collection. Choice English Coins. Ancient Egyptian artifacts. Need access to more market information? Seal Lead, 20 mm, 5. Leu Numismatik AG - Web Auction 9, Lot Thomas, patrikios, praipositos, imperial protospatharios and logothetes of the dromos, late 9th century-early 10th century. On this coin the left twin is facing to the left. It is probably some sort of a religious token or amulet. Please browse the results of our past auctions using the navigation tools above. This coin has very good detail on both sides. Justin II, with Sophia. VF, uncertain graffiti in obverse right field.

Byzantine coins for sale - agree with

One of the largest coins of the ancient world. Fleur De Coin. Byzantine Empire. Auction Dates, Venue byzaantine Viewing. Got one to sell. Constantinople mint, 4th officina. Bronze half-follis. Good VF, minor deposits on reverse. Cross above, gamma within, CON below. From a hoard of Byzantine copper s generally in collectable grades with some large pleasing examples 25 More coins like this. Ae Quadrans Augustusc. Cross above, A within, KYS below. Mayyafariqin mint Dirhem AE.

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